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6 Health Benefits of Eggs

While they do have high cholesterol, you still should eat some eggs to help you with other things. It’s all about moderation and knowing what other foods may be too cholesterol heavy before you eat this rich food. Here are 6 health benefits of eggs. 

Good For Eyesight

Yup, one egg a day can help you increase your lutein and zeaxanthin. These elements can help you counteract degenerative processes in your eyes. 

Loaded With Nutrients

It’s rich in vitamins A and B. Get some Omega-3 enriched eggs to help you reap more benefits. 

Brings You Quality Protein

Need to put on some muscle? A single egg contains six ounces of protein. The amino acids in it help the protein get to where it needs to be for better functionality.

Makes You Feel More Satisfied 

Eating eggs makes you feel fuller. If you’re trying to lose weight, this is a good food to incorporate to help keep you from overeating. 

More Affordable

It’s expensive eating beef, turkey, and other meats. You can get quality protein and nutrients just from eating one egg. It’s a smart and frugal way of getting your protein.

Keeps Your Brain Sharp

The vitamin D content helps with the gray matter in your brain. 



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