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6 Benefits of Jump Roping

You may have done some jump roping at recess when you were in elementary school. However, you should continue to do this as an adult. Some of the best boxers add jump roping to their routine to keep in shape. Here are 6 benefits of jump roping.

Improves Your Coordination

The older you get, the more your coordination goes down the drain. Jump roping can help you stay sharp and aware of what your body is doing.

Can Keep Your Ankle and Feet Strong

It’s no surprise that your body begins to deteriorate later in life. However, jump roping can create stronger ankles. It’ll help your body learn to absorb impact for things, such as running long distances and playing intense sports.

Can Take It Anywhere 

Jump ropes are convenient because you can put them in your bag and just find a spot to do your thing. You can bring the workout to you without needing a gym.

Improves Your Stamina

If you’re training for a marathon or a challenge that requires your whole body, jump roping can set the foundation to build your breathing efficiency. 

Burns Calories Quickly

If you don’t want to go for a jog outside, 15 minutes of intense jump roping can burn 200+ calories. It’s a solid way to work up a sweat. 

Fun for Everyone

You can jump rope with your kids and friends. It’s a social activity that keeps everyone entertained and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do it. 



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