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5 Benefits of Bananas

Bananas make a fun afternoon snack or fruit for dessert, but they’re also packed with lots of nutrients. They can help make it easier to function in your daily life. Here are five benefits of bananas.


Good for Muscle Recovery

After an intense workout, your body may feel drained from the activity. However, a banana has a quality source of potassium to help your muscles recover much quicker. The electrolytes can keep your body in tiptop shape. 


Boosts Your Mood 

Don’t think the smile shape is just for aesthetics. The Vitamin B content acts as a natural antidepressant which makes you feel a bit more euphoric. Think about having this with your first meal for a great start to the day. 


Great Aid for Gut Health 

Another reason to eat bananas is to key your belly happy. It can help ease irritable bowel syndrome and the probiotics would make it better for people dealing with diarrhea. 


Quality Fiber 

One banana has 10% of the fiber you need to take to help keep your system working well. The soluble fiber in bananas keeps your cholesterol down and helps you regulate your blood 



Increase Your Energy

Instead of reaching for candy or soda, think of eating a banana to get you through your last couple of hours of work. It’s better for you and it’ll help you sustain more energy throughout the evening. 




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